Variously special nuts

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High Performance Fastener Systems

Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel

a)Especially for Farm/ Agricultural machinery, b)Steel Construction, c)Rail and steel bridge (for anti-loose and anti-theft), d)Power tower, e)Side guard of high way, f)Hydraulic and Gas pipes, g)Vehicle, Heavy- duty machinery, h)All other jobs which need to withstand high frequency vibration, high impact and high pressure.
Looseproof Bolts System Class: 4.26 ~ 12.9
Spec.: M6 ~ M30 (1/4" ~ 1 1/4")
Looseproof Nuts System Class: 8.0 ~ 10.0
Spec.: M6 ~ M30
Looseproof Hex Washer System Spec.: O.D 10 ~ 46 mm
Looseproof Round Washer System Spec.: O.D 14 ~ 56 mm
Looseproof Special Socket Spec.: 6 ~ 30 mm
Looseproof Anchor Spec.: Anchor 6 ~ 20 mm