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AENY INT'L INC. is a custom service company in Taiwan with a very delicated team. We specialize in precision CNC machining, milling, turning, tapping & drilling, EDM, advanced laser cutting, fine grinding, welding, forming, stamping/pressing, painting, surface treatment for close tolerance, critical components in the materials of stainless steel, steel, alloys, magnesium,

titanium, aluminum, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, copper, investment castings/lost wax castings, forging, etc. And we offer gold/nickel plating, passivation, anodizing, heat treatment for Automobile, Machine, Processing, Sports Equipment, Aerospace, Electronics, Toys, Medical, Telecommunication, Optical, Fiber-optical applications and many other industries.


Meanwhile, we also supply High Performance Fastener Systems and products, including Looseproof Bolts System, Looseproof Nuts System, Looseproof Hex/Round Washer System, Looseproof Special Socket, Looseproof Anchor for the applications of Steel Construction, Rail and steel bridge (for anti-loose and anti-theft), Power tower, Side guard of high way, Hydraulic and Gas pipes, Heavy- duty machinery, Farm/ Agricultural machinery..., etc.

We have another professional division - designing and manufacturing custom engineering plastics & composite parts, which are injection molded. The tremendous performance advantages of composite parts are with high strength, high stiffness, high toughness, low weight, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, humidity resistance, weather resistance, electrical conductivity/nonconductivity and more fuel efficiency to be used in many applications. The materials are in RTP, LNP, TICONA, DUPONT and many other specialty compounding materials including reinforced glassfiber and cellulosics. Tolerance can reach 0.02mm (depending on material, application...).

We can also design and produce the electro-mechanical assembly, plastic-mechanical assembly and custom equipment according to customers' special requirements.

Our company's policy is to supply quality products with efficient service and economical prices to suit individual customer's requirements. We always pay close, personal attention to all of our customers' needs. Small quantity orders are also welcome.